Picture Mouse Solo cord is used for hanging photos, postcards or drawings using the Mouse Magnets.


The Picture mouse white is a flexible coated steel wire of 2 mm that is only available in a length of 150 cm. The Picture mouse white magnetic cord is equipped with a twister that can be hung directly on suspension rails from Artiteq – with the exception of the suspension rails Artiteq Classic Rail and the Artiteq Classic rail plus.

The funny Mouse Magnets have been developed in the same style as the Picture Mouse magnetic cords, creating a handy and original hanging system. It is provided with a stabilizing weight in the shape of a mouse at the bottom of the cord. By using the Mouse Magnets color or Mouse Magnets in white you can hang pictures, photos or drawings on this magnetic cord.

The Picture Mouse white magnetic cord is supplied excluding magnets. The Mouse Magnets are available in standard sets of 6 magnets in color and white.

You will have to order these separately.



Aluminium, White

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