Hang up the painting and illuminate it beautifully

The Combi Rail Pro Light set includes:

  • 1 x Combi Rail Pro Light 200 cm
  • 1 x Combi Rail Pro Light picture lighting fitting 50 cm
  • 1 x Master LED Philips LV 6.5w, warm white 3000k
  • 1 x Trafo Halogen LED 220/12 volt 60w
  • 1 x Combi Rail Pro Light connector set




The Combi Rail Pro Light is a flexible picture hanging system including picture lighting. This wall rail has a beautiful, neutral design and can therefore be integrated into any room. With the movable luminaires, paintings and other wall decorations can be optimally and high-quality illuminated on the wall. The flexible hanging system makes it easy to change or move art and paintings and can be done as often as desired without damaging the walls. Fixing the rail and installing the power supply are quick (in 3 steps) and easy to do without special tools and techniques.

Your artworks are put in the spotlight with the Artiteq Combi Rail Pro Light LED .
We have put together complete sets especially for you, divided into suspension rail lengths from 200 cm to 800 cm with the matching fixtures and LED spots. Of course you can expand this with the separate ordering of hooks and cords.

Home Installation?

Supply only, Supply & Supervision and Installation