Easy hanging of cards on small walls

The Card Rail set includes:

  • 1 x Card Rail 114 cm
  • 6 x Colored Magnets in the Shape of a Mouse.
  • 1 x Fastener Kit

The Card Rail is the ideal wall hanging system for all your photos, cards, reminders, to-do’s, etc. The Card Rail has openings on the sides where you can easily insert your cards, photos or other memories. By using Mouse Magnets on your hanging system you create a playful effect that presents your memories in a fun and creative way. The card rail is 114 cm, comes in white color and paintable.

Mounting Card Rail

When you receive your Card Rail, you naturally want to install it on the wall as soon as possible.

  • 1. Marking is done by holding the rail against the wall, marking the top and bottom of the drill holes of the rail.
  • 2. Now drill the marked drill holes and insert the plug.
  • 3. Now hold your Card Rail against the wall and screw the supplied screw into the plug.
  • 4. Now attach your end caps to the rail.

When you have completed all these steps for both the top and the bottom, your Card Rail is ready for use.


Home Installation?

Supply only, Supply & Supervision and Installation

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